I Love U... Ni Dong Bu Dong?
Kelvin Wei Lian
Kelvin Wei Lian

"Ni Ai De Shi Ta..."

Chapter 17

Cherie has not met up with Jason since her return. She wanted so much to believe what Wei Lian had told her, that Jason loves her. But her heart is reluctant to be hurt again. She doesn’t want to end up as a substitute for Jessica. She needed to know for sure.

Today, will be the day, she decided, and picked up her handphone to dial Jason’s number. “Hi Cherie! You’re finally back! I missed you a lot!” Jason gushed with happiness when he heard her voice. He had been waiting for her return for ages.

“Hi Jas, shall we meet at the beach house? I’d like to see how our favourite haunt is now.” Cherie suggested. Jason agreed since he had not been to the beach house for the longest time, as he had been busy with his work.

Cherie hung up and walked back to the beach house. She had already arrived there early in the morning, as she couldn’t sleep the whole night. She woke Wei Lian up, served him breakfast and told him her grand plan.

Wei Lian seemed oddly distant the whole time, only giving her one-word answers. “Hey, you agreed to help me with this right? Don’t tell me you’re backing out?” Cherie pleaded gently. Hai! How does she expect me to react? Wei Lian thought sadly.

Maybe she had long forgotten how he felt for her. Which may be a good thing now, he tried to console himself. “Ok la. Whatever you say k?” was all he could manage. Cherie beamed happily and reached out to give Wei Lian a hug. Oh god, please don’t do this do me, he pleaded.

The clock struck one. Shortly after, they heard a car pull up at the nearby carpark then footsteps approaching the beach house. Jason knocked gently on the door, wondering if Cherie had arrived. Cherie had bolted the door from inside earlier.

Wei Lian and Cherie sat frozen on the sofa, not knowing what to do. They were supposed to test Jason. Cherie had thought of grand plans. But now, they seemed unable to execute them.

Jason saw that the side window was ajar, and walked over to peep in. Cherie saw his shadow moving over to the window and as if on cue, she grabbed onto Wei Lian and planted her mouth on his. Wei Lian was taken aback for a split second but quickly regained his composure. Yes, he knew what exactly he had to do. Gently he wrapped his arms around Cherie and gave her a long kiss.

Jason’s heart felt like it was stabbed by a knife. He could not take what he just witnessed. Three minutes ago, he just caught Wei Lian and Cherie kissing. Both of them are his best friends and one of them is the girl he loved deeply. Now Jason understood why Wei Lian is always quiet when it comes to the topic of Cherie.

He should have realized that Wei Lian loves Cherie too. No wonder the girl whom they met at the café said that Wei Lian looked more miserable than him. He did not understand why at that time, but now, he fully understood. He felt betrayed. He is at a loss.

In the beach house, Wei Lian and Cherie could hear Jason’s footsteps moving further and further away from them. Wei Lian let go of Cherie awkwardly. Cherie turned away. Wei Lian could taste the tears running down her cheeks. She was crying.

His heart ached and a pained look flashed across his face, but he quickly disguised it by walking away to the fridge to retrieve a packet of cold beverage. This is the first time they kissed. He tried to focus and get into it but he realised that he couldn’t. He couldn’t feel anything more than just lips locking together. In fact there was a hint of frustration during their kiss.

But he didn’t know what to make of it. All he could feel was a sense of hollowness within. Emptiness.
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I Love U... Ni Dong Bu Dong

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